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Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment. Since its inception in December 1989, Technicaliya Consultants is raring to go and is equipped with all vital criterias to reach the acme in this construction arena. Imposing structures stand tall in and around the state posing and praising the innovative architectural designs of Technicaliya. In addition, we also work as consultants to hospitals and medical colleges. We are successful in medical equipment consultancy too. With its visionary and determination Technicaliya has now built an empire across the nation. A loyal, dedicated, efficient and skilled work force support Technicaliya to compete with its counterparts, in several departments of construction. Our team respects the core business values like integrity and commitment to timely completion of projects. The wider client network asserts a sound proof of our company's incomparable growth. We march ahead in our mission leaving behind good records in cosultancy and architecture. We blend professional knowledge with craftsmanship. Quality, Technology and Commitment have been the foremost values adopted by the company.


This broad category lists out a variety of sources for raising capital - such as equity, corporate funds, internal cash accrual, funding from banks, institutions and other sources including land, buildings, capital equipment and machinery etc.

TECHNICALIYA reaches out to you with a great deal of expertise for arranging the needed funds.


We do look at it with a long-term perspective. Future expansion plans, procurement of additional equipment - providing adequate space for free storage and subsequent movement, ensuring maximum natural light and ventilation, prevention of pollution from or to the complex, aesthetics, etc., will be given due care and concern.

The Structural Design also plays a very important part in effective movement and space utilization. Likewise, the architectural design enveloping all the services has to be a product of effective interaction with the operating personnel and parameters specified for the building leaving no scope for irrational placement of facilities or insufficient flexibility to expand in any particular dimension / avenue.


Besides the above, TECHNICALIYA also offers a few select and strategic methods with the sole aim of providing a totally trouble-free infrastructure and service points which include electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), telecommunication, computerization etc. Any failure or negligence on these fundamental issues would cause a havoc to the entire structure in the long run. TECHNICALIYA is very specific about this compliance. This automatically reduces cost of maintenance to a considerable extent.


Medical Equipment selection forms a critical arm of Multispeciality Hospitals and needs special expertise which TECHNICALIYA possesses in abundance.


Supervising and Inspection of works during maintenance period and advice on maintenance procedures.


From day one of the project execution, we will stay in tune with you until successful completion.

We are proud to say that we have a panel of dependable and committed experts in each arena of activity such as Project Planning, Financial Planning, Building Design and Site Master Planning, Environmental Planning, Detailing, Project Management, Scheduling and Implementation, Liaisoning and a host of other related services.

We have certain proven formulas - like Time Cost Analysis, Manpower Utilization Factor, Cost Utilization Factor and Maintenance Factors, etc., which would ensure optimum use of resources and maximum returns to the Project as a whole.

We are sure you will find us unique from start to finish.