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Technicaliya has been building large and complex structures since 1989. Over 17 years, our company has established itself as a reliable and successful concern in the construction scenario. Technicaliya is acclaimed for its boldness of vision and courage. It is renowned for its confidence displayed in taking on the toughest of challenges. Technicaliya has been entrusted with the construction of high value projects over the years. It has contributed significantly to the nation in terms of infrastructure and development. Technicaliya has been executing some of the most challenging and artistic architecture in Indian soil. Our company has made an incomparable contribution to architecture through its public and industrial buildings across the nation. Our successful endeavours also include hospital projects, resort buildings, medical colleges and hospital equipment planning.

We help you in conceptualizing your dreams, implementing the innovative infrastructure and in carrying out the maintenance activities. Our participation areas widely cover raising funds for the project, planning structural designs and providing electromechanical services. We also offer medical equipment services besides supervising maintenance activities. We assure you our complete dedication in all our projects. Our panel consists of dependable and committed experts in each department such as project planning, financial planning, building design and project management. We are now a recognized consultants having worked in every single facet of construction field. We proudly declare that our timely completion of projects is our key to success.